Thyroid Sonography

The Papillon study, the world's largest study conducted in Germany by the Papillon Thyroid Initiative, examined close to 100,000 working adults and found: 50 % of working adults over the age of 45 is already suffering from a thyroid desease. One in three professionals has pathological changes in the thyroid he did not know about it. Every 4th working person has nodes in the thyroid.

We offer a personal thyroid check-up and the opportunity to find out if there is possibly thyroid disease. The thyroid is painlessly examined using state-of-the-art ultrasound technology with mobile duplex devices. As a result, statements can be made both about the organ structure and the volume of the thyroid, as well as about existing thyroid nodules. The diagnostic part is followed by a specialist consultation.

KME examines 40 employees per day.