bia4Nutrition Counseling
Based on a
Bioimpedance Analysis

The aim of our measure is an individual, medical nutrition consultation. In order to base the consultation on measured values, the advice consists of three components. Initially, a bioimpedance analysis is carried out among the employees. The results of the examination are followed by nutritional advice. All recommendations and much more information can then be viewed by our employees via our portal and also be informed about videos about healthy nutrition or the correct amount of drinking water.

Bioimpedance Analysis

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) (or bioimpedance measurement) is a scientifically recognized and established technique that allows a comprehensive analysis of individual body composition. On the one hand, this method can be used to assess the nutritional and exercise status as a function of age and gender. In addition, statements about the fluid balance and vitality optimum (body cell mass) can be made. In addition to the single application, this method is also suitable for trend analysis and therapy control due to the fast, side-effect-free and uncomplicated implementation. Especially in sports and nutritional medicine, the BIA process is currently in use. For example, in the initiation and therapy control of weight reduction programs, in the early detection of malnutrition, individual fluid balance and also in the field of training control in performance and recreational sports bioimpedance finds a wide range of applications. 

en11Nutrition Counseling

Balanced nutrition and adequate hydration promote good health, well-being and mental and physical performance. The food circle allows easy and quick orientation. The circle clearly shows what belongs to a full-fledged diet with all vital nutrients and enables a health-conscious food selection. In combination with the measured values, the advice will show how specific goals can be achieved. These goals can be: 

- Compensation of the fluid deficit
- Improve training condition
- Reduce excess weight

en898Nutrition Portal

Employees can continue to learn about healthy nutrition through our nutrition portal. Here you will find recipes, cooking videos and much more information about healthy eating and adequate exercise.