Ortho-Check and Training program

The OrthoCheck is a screening specially tailored to the different needs of employees. The measure initially consists of an orthopedic examination in which the entire musculoskeletal system - from the cervical spine to the foot - is examined using a special procedure. This is followed by a three-dimensional measurement of the back and feet. On the basis of the results, we will create an individual training plan for each participant, with the help of which each employee can be assigned without aids or e.g. Membership in a gym can improve his back health. Support for the training as well as a success control receives the coworker by a portal provided by us. 



Back ScanRuecken

Our 3D measuring system enables a fast and non-contact measurement of the back and the spine. The examination is a completely radiation-free alternative to x-rays. Using modern video technology, a depth image of the back is created in less than 0.04 seconds. The patient stands in front of a recording device consisting of a digital video camera and a projector. The projector throws parallel measurement lines (light lines) on the dorsal surface. The lines already show slight deformations of the spine and asymmetries of the body surface. Deviations from the body solder become clearly visible. The employee receives a print-out on which abnormalities are documented. If necessary, the employee is referred to an orthopedist for further clarification.


TrainingTraining Program

On the basis of the data from the back scan, combined with the examination results, a targeted training program is recommended to the employee. For this we have designed a program that can be carried out independently in about 10 minutes without any aids, the need for a gym visit or further explanations by the employee. The program aims to build up the muscles, which is weak or particularly stressed by the employee. 


The employees are granted access to our training portal. There you can watch the individual exercises in training videos and contact one of our sports scientists if you have any questions. Also document here if and how much they have trained. Based on this information, we distribute targeted and helpful information to the employees using different communication channels. 6 months after the examination, a follow-up survey of the employees about the training successes took place.