haut12Skin Cancer Prevention

Melanoma is the cancer with the highest growth rates. By 2020, the number is expected to double again. This is due to the regular sun vacations of the population, in which the skin is exposed to a much too high sun exposure. Especially children under three should be protected. With around 120,000 new cases a year, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Europe, taking non-melanoma skin cancer into account. About 23% of all cancers are due to skin cancer. 

Benefits from a Business Perspective

KME offers a skin cancer screening directly in the company. The advantages are apparent. With easy access, employees are more likely to conduct the investigation more frequently. Thus, the company not only proves its social competence and improves employee satisfaction, it also reaches target group-specific employees. 

Our Service

The services of the KME consist of a specialist medical check-up with a dermatoscope, in which, in addition to the examination for skin cancer, other abnormalities of the skin are also assessed. The employees receive a written report. In addition, we organize the complete process of the surgeries for you. Our media department creates individual media such as brochures or posters and we arrange appointments by phone or e-mail. Our organizing team, with the experience of thousands of surgeries, fully supports them in their planning.


When KME makes an appointment, we not only provide you with an always-available anonymous statistic documenting the number of exams, sex and age distribution, and abnormalities. If the employee agrees to be consulted when making an appointment, we will ask the employee after the examination. This follow-up does not only include our standardized queries (for example, further visits to the doctor, examination in operation in addition to precautionary measures), but also, on request, company-specific queries that we can integrate into the follow-up questionnaire. The follow-up survey does not only have the background of the statistical evaluation - the survey also reminds employees that they wanted to become active. We regularly carry out scientific studies in order to be able to improve our offers even further. Participation in such a study is, of course, voluntary at any time for companies and employees alike, but of course helps to improve care in the medium and long term. Through the surveys and studies, we are getting better and better at integrating skin cancer screening as a continuous process into the company. The employees are cared for sustainably and long-term in the companies according to their individual risk profile.