Health is the most important thing in life and needs to be preserved.

The company is, by various effects, the perfect setting to support its employees. This benefits everyone involved:

- A healthier and more efficient workforce

- Occupational prevention helps to reduce costs in the company

- Prevention measures improve competitiveness and strengthen the corporate culture. Good employees are tied, the company is attractive to applicants ("War for talents")

As a result, from a business perspective, our screenings not only improve the working atmosphere and increase employee satisfaction, they also pay off economically for the company. Each euro used by the company generates 5 to 10 times the effect. (Booz Allen, 2012, p. 12)

Our screenings are designed to leave the company processes largely untouched and can be carried out without problems during the working hours. ( "Fly-in-fly-out")

A key driver for the successful implementation of the screenings is the best possible participation rate. In addition to screening, we provide our customers with a comprehensive internal and external communication concept and a marketing strategy tailored to their business, to convince employees to participate and to position the company both internally and externally as a caring employer.