Company Colorectal Cancer Screening

With about 62,000 new cases a year, colon cancer is the third most common cancer among men and women in Germany. About 26,000 people die each year from this form of cancer, every fifth German will suffer from bowel cancer in his life.

Colon cancer can almost always be prevented by early prevention. From a recognizable precursor to the onset of cancer, 10 years can pass. Against this background, it is necessary that all approaches are used to inform about the life-saving precaution. Especially the operation offers itself here. Company colorectal cancer screening achieves just the right target group for both primary and secondary prevention. Employees with significant risk, e.g. because of a family bias, are informed in good time about necessary precautionary measures. And also at the beginning of the statutory retirement plan with 50 or 55 years, the persons are usually gainfully employed. 

Course of the Operational Prevention Measure

The colorectal cancer screening is designed so that it can be carried out in any company without further internal effort. We take on all the tasks - from the design and printing of the promotional materials in your CI, to the shipping and evaluation of the tests, to the medical consultation.

The costs are low. How the measure works in detail is explained below.


First, poster posters in canteens and other highly frequented places inform about the upcoming action. In the second section, employees will be invited by e-mail and / or a letter of participation. In addition to the personal address, the cover letter contains informational materials and a questionnaire to estimate the familial and general colorectal cancer risk. The email will link to an online questionnaire.

Risk Assessment

The incoming questionnaires are evaluated. All employees older than 45 years or who have noticed abnormalities will be sent an immunological bowel cancer test home. Employees who are older than 55 years old and have not yet undergone a colonoscopy, as well as those with a significantly increased risk or a family bias, the offer of a telephone, medical consultation.

The test is an immunological test that is guideline compliant and clearly superior in application and accuracy to the statutory chemical test.

The Test

The application of the test is very simple. With a plastic stick a stool sample is taken, which then mixes in a tube with a liquid. The employees send this tube to our laboratory to evaluate the result. If the employee does not send in his test within four weeks, we remind him of the return of the test.

The Evaluation

Employees with a negative result receive their result in writing. In the case of a positive result, the employees are first called by a doctor. He advises the employees intensively on possible further steps and motivates for the presentation to a specialist.


In consultations with high-risk individuals or with positive test results, physicians recommend a colonoscopy to employees if needed. They explain the procedure and can call the employees suitable specialists near the company or the place of residence of the employee. In 5 out of 6 cases, employees opt for a colonoscopy for advice rather than a positive test result. The counseling sessions are therefore absolutely necessary.

Follow-up / Evaluation

On request, we offer a free follow-up of the participants. After completing the questionnaire, the employees are asked for their consent to the follow-up questionnaire. All participants who have given their consent and who have been advised to visit the doctor are asked anonymously if they followed the recommendation and if the suspicion was confirmed. Both the anonymous results, such as the number of participants, the number of consultations or the test results, and then the results of the follow-up interview are included in a statistical evaluation included in the price.

Process Diagram